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About Us


About American Water Treatment Services
American Water Treatment Services is an independently-owned and operated company based in Aberdeen, NC. We have been committed to providing the very best in water purification for  over 14 years. Our list of services and products include – whole house water treatment, water purification systems,  trained service professionals servicing all Pentair and RainSoft products.  American Water Treatment Services is a Platinum Pentair Dealership and a Licensed RainSoft Servicing Dealership for Moore County and surrounding areas.

Our roots started in drilling water wells and expanded not only into providing water to our customers but providing  quality water to them. Since 2001 American Water Treatment Services has had one business and one business only;  providing the best possible water treatment systems for homes like yours in Moore County and surrounding areas.
American Water Treatment Services is dedicated to having the most knowledgeable sales and service technicians, helping our customers maintain an excellent product and providing our community with the very best in water treatment equipment.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide our customers with the absolute best environmental products in order to improve the quality of water in their homes, and subsequently improve both your family’s well-being and overall health. Our expertly designed line of products partnered with our trained water technicians assure you that our equipment is uniquely fit to your homes and families’ needs.