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Residential Pentair – Autotrol


Pentair Technologies brings homeowners the best choice, and logical choice in residential water treatment systems, featuring control valves by Pentair.  If you are looking for high performance,  high efficiency and dependable operation, we’ve got the system for you.  The new LogixTM series controllers for the Autotrol brand valves set the standard for achieving superior water treatment for you and your family


The ALL NEW Logix Controller… A Higher Level of Control

  • High-efficiency regeneration save you money on salt.

  • Never lose system memory and timer clock to power failure – no battery required for back-up!

  • Smart, 28 day Variable Reserve feature learns family water usage and adjusts to demand.

  • Safe, low-voltage operation – uses only $1.00 in electricity per year.

  • Manual override regeneration provides extra soft water exactly when you need it.

  • Controller LCD displays remaining capacity, so you’ll know how much water remains until next regeneration cycle.


Specifications: Performa 263 268

Point-of-Use Drinking Water System (RO)

Safe, clean water is now available.  No more bottles or containers.  For just pennies a day you can now have safe clean water at your finger tips, at an affordable price, with a Reverse Osmosis System