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Commercial System

Osmonics Water Treatment System

Osmonics is committed to providing the best quality water conditioner and filtration products available today. Working with our professional technicians, you will be able to fit your exact water treatment needs and budget.

With an Osmonics water treatment system, you will be assured of many years of quality conditioned water.

The Autorol ReadySoftTM  System

The Autotrol ReadySoft duplex conditioner system is the market leader in reliable continuous-supply water conditioning control systems.

Its lightweight Noryl plastic construction ensures you many years of operation.

The 255 valve features DuraFlow valve-disc operation, which seat in a vertical position and will not etch.  This valve type will not leak, because the valve seal is held closed by water pressure.

The ReadySoft Controller

The most sophisticated control on the market, the ReadySoft control gives our technicians the ability to set 19 parameters allowing the control to match your exact water needs.  This environment-friendly control ensures you continuous soft water, and saves you money, water and regenerant.  Other great features include:

  • Twin-tank system; one tank is providing soft water while the other is regenerating.

  • Demand-initiated regenerations; a control meter measures your water usage ensuring the maximum capacity and efficiency for your system.

  • Advanced microprocessor system that actually learns your water usage, and adapt the control to your water needs!  The control even shows you how many gallons of conditioned water are left before the next regeneration!

  • Battery back-up and NOVRAM memory will retain all settings in the event of a power failure.

  • Low-voltage power source is safe to use

  • Calendar override automatically  regenerates the system at a time interval you select if usage hasn’t initiated a regeneration.

  • Solid-state electronics guarantee many years of usage


Point-of-Use Drinking Water System (RO)

Combined with a water conditioner system, a Reverse Osmosis (RO) or filtration system will provide purer, better tasting drinking water.

You will no longer need to buy expensive bottle water or have it delivered.  Pure fresh water will be available right at your finger tips.