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Facts About Hard Water

What’s The Harm In Hard Water?

Hard water harms nearly every item in your home, leaving mineral deposits and scale build-up on everything your water touches.  Hard water is especially tough on plumbing and on water-using appliances resulting in more repairs and frequent replacement which is costing Americans billions of dollars a year.

Hardness is most efficiently removed from household water supplies by water softeners using the  ion exchange resin.  The hardness and other minerals attach to the resin and when it is exhausted it is restored by flushing a strong salt solution thought the tank.  After the salt and the hardness are rinsed down the drain with fresh water the  water softener is ready for another softening cycle.  The ion exchange resin is not consumed by this process, but can be used over and over again.

The Consequences of Hard Water In The Home

  • Pipes become clogged with scale, reducing water flow

  • Water heaters scaled with mineral deposits requiring significantly more energy to heat your water

  • Rust Stains on Sinks

  • Faucets crusted with hard-to-remove deposits

  • Towels and cloths are dingy and rough

  • Glassware and dishes marred by spots and cloudiness

  • Increase expenses for detergent and other clean products

  • More time and effort devoted to cleaning