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Well Inspections

What you need to know if you are buying a home with a well.

 Most homebuyers would never consider purchasing a home without a thorough inspection of the structure and its operating systems. The same care must be taken to inspect the property’s well system and the quality of its drinking water.


American Water Treatment Services performs a complete inspection of your well and provides you the information about the well and the water quality for the home your are purchasing.


A recent water quality test is usually required by home mortgage companies before a

buyer can close on a property. But water quality is only one concern. You also need to

inspect the mechanical workings of the well system, such as the pump and the condition of the wellhead.


Some of the things we check for are:

  1. What type of well is it? Is it a bored or drilled well?

  2. Are there any voids in the soil around the top of the wellhead which could allow runoff to travel down the borehole to the aquifer?

  3. Is the well up to current standard or code?

  4. If well records are available:

    1. How old is the well?

    2. How deep is the well?

    3. Where the well is located?

  5. Is it apparent from a site inspection that the well location meets the minimum distance from contamination sources as outlined by state or local regulation?

  6. Is the lining of the well (the casing) 12 or more inches above the land surface?

          Note: In flood prone areas, the casing should be one to two feet above the highest recorded flood level.

  1. Are there any visible holes or cracks in the well casing?

  2. Is the well cap vermin-proof, watertight and securely attached to the well casing?

  3. Is there any corrosion visible at the plumbing fittings and/or the pressure/storage tank?

  4. Well Flow

  5. Well Flow Test – gallons per minute (GPM)

  6. Pressure Tank

    1. What is the pump cut-in pressure?

    2. What is the pump cut-out pressure?

    3. How long does it take for the pump to go from the low limit to the high limit with no water running in the house?

  7. Water Quality

    1. Does the home have any water treatment devices?

    2. Have water treatment systems been regularly maintained, according to well maintenance records?

  8. Water Testing – Items we can test for are:

    1. Iron

    2. pH – Acidity

    3. Arsenic

    4. Bacteria

    5. Nitrate/Nitrite

    6. Lead

    7. Hardness

    8. Total Dissolved Solids